Youth Programs

A Proven Curriculum

Sensei Gene and the rest of the Combat Dojo team provide children ages four and up with a fun and safe environment to grow and learn the art of Jukkendo. Sensei Gene has many years of experience teaching and working with kids of all ages

An Individualized Approach

While adult programs are more catered towards self-defense and combat principles, our youth classes are meant to bring discipline, structure, and enrichment to our students’ lives as they grow and learn. It is incredibly important for children to have a strong foundation to build upon as they develop their own identity and sense of self, and there are few areas of study that can achieve this as well as martial arts. With a free first class, you can see the benefits that Jukkendo training can have for your child, risk-free.

Class Schedule

Youth Classes
6-7 and 7-8 PM 6-7 and 7-8 PM 6-7 and 7-8 PM 6-7 and 7-8 PM 6-7 and 7-8 PM -